Friday, July 15, 2011

Visiting Outer Banks

Visiting Outer Banks

After having an enjoyable visit last year in OBX, we decided to come again this summer. This year we went with Feng and Lu, together with their adorable sons and Lu’s parents; and Linda and Wen and their son and daughter. We rented a house in Nags Head, two units away from the beach.
It was still early in the season so the sea water temperature was kind of cold; yet we still had a lot of fun!

View from the balcony of our house to the beach

Claire at the beach

Picking Sea Shells

Visiting Jockey Ridge State Park, it feels like being in a desert.

Claire is finally tired and insisted that Mommy should carry her on her back.

Claire getting ready to catch some crabs.

While Daddy wants to catch some fishes…

Jet Skiing: Claire is not afraid to ride the wave runner.

Shivering in Mommy’s embrace after the ride.

Bumper Boat:

Go Kart:


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